Timetable of National Finals – EMMA Singapore Championship 2019

The National Finals of EMMA Singapore Championship 2019 will be a 2 days event in order to provide the highest precision of judging. As the total entries exceeded 100 as such a total control of the stress for judges is taken into consideration, on that day there the event will also have the Civicfest which will see more than 200 of these rides gathering and EMMA Singapore is task to find out the Best Of Sound – Honda Civic winner.

The Helix Tuner Challenge will also have its final round and we will also see who will be the best tuner in Singapore. 

Esatto & Passione will also have their final round of competition taking place in this event where 10 cars will battle off.

Focal which recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary will also have a 40th Focal Challenge competition.

The Awarding will be very exciting as we see the birth of these winners.