EMMA Competition High Res Files 2018

Dear friends of EMMA Singapore,

I hope your are not too much affected by the crisis of Covid19 and are in good health conditions. The current situation mixes up all our plans at the moment and we can only hope to get back to our normal life soon.

EMMA Singapore would like to announce the sales of the High Resolution USB stick at SGD$40, as shipping will be difficult and expensive as such we will need to know in advance on who is keen so that we can ship them together from Germany. 

The use of the EMMA competition High Res Files 2018 is limited to the Expert Sound Quality Classes, starting from competition season 2020. The source file with the according sound material will be provided by the SQ judge. The competitor must ensure that the Judges High Res Material can be used for the judging procedure. If the competitor is not able to provide a connection for the judges High Res material, the regular music files will be used for the judging procedure. Every competitor wishing to use the High res File in the competition must proof that the EMMA High Res Files have been bought legally throughout an official retail channel.

People who are interested in Singapore can contact me at 9272-7878 via WhatsApp directly.