National & Asia Finals 2018 – Timetable and Parking arrangements

Hi guys, here is the Parking arrangements and timetable for 25th Nov. Please do kindly note that all cars must be at their designated parking space at all times as the judge will be going to you when its your turn to be judge. PDF copies are below for your download.

All categories competitors except the below mention has to register from 9 to 9.30am on 25th November at the EMMA Office area, all cars that are late will get a 10 points deduction.

For Honda Limited and Unlimited competitors please register at the EMMA office at 12pm, we will conduct a briefing then.

For Tuning competitors please register at the EMMA office before 2pm, we will conduct a briefing them.

As it will be a very CAR FULL day at Carros we hope to get your full cooperation, 7th Floor will be closed to public after 1pm onwards so access is very limited. If you are visiting or if you have any cars that’s not involved in the competition and requires a parking at 7th floor please consult the EMMA office to avoid any inconvenience.

Look forward seeing everyone this Sunday.

Timetable Final & Asia – 2018 -Timetable

PARKING Layout Final