Grandfinals Timetable for EMMA Singapore Championship 2015

Hi Guys, the timetable for the grand finals is attached…

Do kindly note that the registration cut off timing is 7.30AM

We seek your kind understanding that time may varies or change due to the progress of the event, as such if you want a more detail schedule do kindly check with Terence Nah or Daryl Ong.

Please do note the finalise judging method of the Finals will be as follow.

2 judge with average score categories, both judge will start with the last competitor that registered.

  1. Best Of Sound Analog
  2. Master 4000
  3. ESQL Advanced
  4. ESQL Master

Single judge scoring

  1. Best Of Sound Digital
  2. PFO Championship (If competitor is in BOS-A the scores will be used as PFO too due to same judge)
  3. Advanced 4000
  4. Master OEM
  5. Master Unlimited
  6. Experienced 2000
  7. Multimedia 2.1CH

Latest Timetable is updated on 20th February 2016 attached below.

We look forward seeing everyone and hereby wishing all GONG XI FA CAITimetable Finals

Timetable Finals