National Finals Registration for EMMA Singapore Championship 2019

Competition is 24th November (Sunday) At Carros Centre 7th Floor

National Registration will stop on 14th October 2359 HRS

Please kindly read the T&C below for your own understanding.

Terms & Condition of Entry

  • EMMA Singapore reserve the rights to cancel any categories that does not have more than 3 entries.
  • Please do note that competition maybe extended to start on 23Nov for certain categories if registration entries is too high.
  • The competitor has to prepare in advance the value sheet if taking part in a budget categories, EMMA Singapore can cancel any entries in the event of incomplete details from competitors.
  • All competition registration fee must be paid before the start of the competition.
  • National Finals entry fee is SGD$350, discount of 50% is given to competitors using either 4 and above of EMMA Singapore 2019 sponsor’s products in Source Unit, Processor, Speakers, Amplifiers & Sub-woofer only.
  • Additional 20% discount will be applied to Preferred dealers Competition registration.
  • Competitors will need to prove the equipment in the car when being ask upon from EMMA Singapore, if failed to do so the full price will be charge accordingly.
  • Euro value of most equipment can be found on ,in the event of not being able to find on the database the competitor need to contact a EMMA personnel to resolve it before the competition date.
  • Heat 1 Registration will stop 14th October 2019 at 2359HRS (Singapore Time) Any registration received after this timing will not be taken in.
  • A Facebook live drawing of timetable Queue will be done, we will announce the dates according to the registration email. Do look up at EMMARACINGSINGAPORE
  • Helix Tuner Challenge is open only for 4 tuners per Heat, the 1st & 2nd place winner will go straight to the National Finals to compete for the Best Tuner in Singapore title.
  • Esatto & Passione Challenge is open only for this brand’s full system competitors, for registration details please contact Autoimage.
  • Best Of Sound category uses X scoresheet in SQ only.
  • Each SQ car can compete only 1 EMMA SQ regular category + 1 best of sound category + King Of Sound.