Championship 2022 Heat 2 Registration

Competitiors who wish to compete in the Championship 2022 must compete the registration below

We will be constantly posting on our EMMA Singapore Facebook page to show all competition vehicles and competition progress so that those who cannot join us on site can see the event, stay tune. 

Once registration is accepted you will receive invoice for payment, please note that we accept only via bank transfer and if payment is not receive before the expiry date we will delete the registration. 

Registration will close on 19th August 2022 (Friday) 2359 HRS.

All Registration are first come first serve, as we have a limited resources we will accept according to the earliest date and time received if the category is full and payment confirmation.

We seek your kind understanding for all the restrictions and requirements in place, in order for us to have a safe transition in the whole event. All entries will be first come first serve as we have limited slots available.

You can only choose to compete in either 1 between King Of Sound, Best Of Sound 10000 and Best Of Sound Unlimited.

Those competing in The X, M, S & E categories are allowed to join either 1 in King Of Sound, Best Of Sound 10k and Best Of Sound Unlimited.

Please download the PDF below for more information. 

3 Overseas judges + 2/3 Singapore Judges will be Judging for this event