Timetable of National Finals – EMMA Singapore Championship 2019

The National Finals of EMMA Singapore Championship 2019 will be a 2 days event in order to provide the highest precision of judging. As the total entries exceeded 100 as such a total control of the stress for judges is taken into consideration, on that day there the event will also have the Civicfest which…

Tuner Challenger by EMMA Singapore

In search of the best tuner in Singapore, with a time frame of 90mins each challenger to tune the car and be judge immediately after clock stop. EMMA Singapore will host 2 rounds of this competition in Heat 1 & 2 Terms & Condition of Entry The first 4 registration will be accepted into the…


EMMA Singapore Championship 2019 – Heat 1 4th August 2019 (Sunday) mark this date as the biggest car audio competition will take place in Carros Centre Level 7, see the best car sound system compete for the highest honour from 9am to 8pm.   

Heat 2 – Timetable

Hi Guys, please find timetable for this Sunday attached for your reference. Registration starts from 10am to 10.30am. There is a whole fun filled event on that day, as such please be on time. Drive safe and look forward seeing your this Sunday at Carros H2 – Timetable